DSC_0674cHi! I hope you find acceptance and encouragement here at Grace Under the Sun!

The title, Grace Under the Sun, is taken from Ecclesiastes. In the first chapter, Solomon recorded his thoughts about the toil of daily life. He used the phrase “the toil that I toil under the sun”.  [SPOILER ALERT] He concluded that all of the work that we do is worthless and temporary without a relationship with God.

Life is hard and messy, but it’s also beautiful. When examined too closely it can sometimes seem random and chaotic, but when we learn to take a step back, we can see the magnificence in the mess.

A few years ago I decided to leave the stress of career in environmental compliance for one in healthcare. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband who time and again demonstrated that “love” is an action word. Now, I’m a practicing Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.

When I’m not working with kids or adults with special needs (and I’m not writing) I am often found outside talking to my chickens and bees, or making another raised garden or flowerbed for my husband to weed-eat around. I also love to cook and hate matching socks.

It’s all the ordinary, everyday things where we can discover the beautiful, not in spite of the hard stuff, but because of it. They are where God comes to meet us on the level that we can understand that day. They are where He gives us grace and expects us to pay it forward.  They are where we find the relationship outside of religion.


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